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One of the most anxiously anticipated films produced in 2015, Alejandro González Iñárritu’s ‘The Revenant’ began a properly full nationwide theatrical release on January 8, 2016 after teasing the world with countless private screenings in the handful of months prior.

Download The Revenant Full Movie HD Online

The ‘Birdman’ director seems to have received repeats of the same admiration levels and praise a year later with this effort. Download The Revenant Movie, Thus far clenching best director, best motion picture in the drama category and Leonardo DiCaprio with best actor in that same category at the 2016 Golden Globes for ‘The Revenant.’

Part of me would hypocritically say don’t buy into the hype, while the other part of me, which is the bigger percentage would say get your ticket today because ‘The Revenant’ is something most should experience.

Needless to say, my appreciation of this film is battling with the remarkable acting versus the true mediocrity that makes up the majority of this two hour and thirty six minute film.

On that token, the sheer length isn’t the issue. Download The Revenant Movie, I warmly welcome three hour or more films, if the script can accommodate that technique. However, what we have with ‘The Revenant’ is a stale script based off the astounding true journey of Hugh Glass paired with astonishing acting from the entire cast during a handful of incredibly intense scenes.

Far too often Iñárritu has the opportunity in this film to captivate audiences imaginations during the lengthy sequence fillers that are visually gorgeous but ultimately empty, cut and dry. Download The Revenant Movie, He does throw in a few symbolic sentiments for time to time, but I was expecting much more in that area.

The word, revenant is of French origin and basically means to return from the dead; exactly what the real life Hugh Glass was documented as being. Glass was left for dead in 1823 after a grizzly bear attack, Download The Revenant Movie, only to come back into the very lives of the team that left him for dead after traveling 1,500 miles to reunite. stated, “If there were ever a true story ripe for big screen treatment, it’s that of Hugh Glass,” so I am dumbfounded why we don’t get much more from DiCaprio than the focus on the fear-factor-esque shock value based performance. His acting is immaculate at times, but isn’t it always? Why does he have to do the damnedest things in front of the camera to get considered for awards?Download The Revenant Movie, Throughout a few of his crawling scenes I felt as if he was on his hands and knees begging the Academy instead of properly portraying Glass, a loaded performance that may or may not be genuine.

However, Tom Hardy (Mad Max, Inception) delivers more of a conventionally solid performance than DiCaprio. It could be because Hardy has at least ten fold more dialogue and less solitary fighting for life moments, Download The Revenant Movie, but either way Hardy was way past amazing and in most ways outshines the leading character, developing more of an emotional attachment with audiences, even if it’s a sickening sour one.

The rest of the cast, as mentioned previously was stellar.Download The Revenant Movie, I’ve had my eyes on Will Poulter since his “Son Of Rambow” performance that gave undisputed evidence that he would become great and he is beginning to tap into that in ‘The Revenant’. Then we have the solid execution of Domhall Gleeson, son of the great Brendan Gleeson who has been in 2015’s finest, including ‘Star Wars : The Force Awakens,” “Brooklyn” and “Ex Machina.”

The initial battle sequence of ‘The Revenant’ is a stunning masterpiece in it’s own right, techniques reminiscently carried over from Iñárritu’s work on ‘Birdman’ but applied to gritty dispassionate killing and warfare. When they talk about “edge of the seat” scenes, this is definitely one of them. Download The Revenant Movie, There are actually a handful of these intensely moving and emotionally elevating moments throughout ‘The Revenant’ but way too much dead air stagnation and an underwhelmingly dull score. Oh, and terribly tacky computer generated visuals.

Watch The Revenant Full Movie Online HD Online

As with ‘Birdman’ I feel as ‘The Revenant’ housed a revolutionary story and idea but Iñárritu never really taps into the true potential and vast galaxy that could be created within these stories. Instead of that galaxy that could have been served to audiences, Download The Revenant Movie, he settles for showing us New York City as it is and nothing more, not even sprinkling a little more imagination and calling it Gotham. What we get is ultimately bland, but there is beauty is simplicity.